About Us

Hi, my name is Monique and I am the sole creator of Shades of Cray Art.

I started my way in this art world through makeup, I unfortunately didn't get the master art gene that my siblings and other family members did, but makeup was my thing.

In April of 2020 my favorite Aunt passed away and due to Covid-19 rules and regulations I was unable to attend her funeral.  I sat down at my makeup station to do a tutorial for my followers and to cheer myself up but I couldn't get through it because I couldn't stop crying. 

I never did another makeup tutorial after that.

I knew I had to find another outlet for my creative mind to thrive in while quarantining so I started to sip and paint, following creators on YouTube. It was fun and it kept my mind busy and my eyes free to let the tears fall. 

One day I stumbled upon my first paint pouring tutorial from Fiona and I was hooked!

I watched for hours on end, sometimes falling asleep and waking up to her voice and painting tutorials. I finally decided I was ready to do my first pour and the rest is history.

I bring to you my custom art pieces and hope you find something you like that inspires you to take a closer look.